ConSeco Outplacement services aim to provide individual guidance of employees that find themselves in an unemployment process..

ConSeco's services are unique due to our strictly personal approach and  the experience of our HR specialists.
After we are initially engaged to assist your employer in the transitioning program, we will immediately begin to gather all the information needed to ensure a well-designed outplacement program tailored to her/his needs.
From there, ConSeco process covers all aspects of what it takes to re-enter the job market.
Every released individual, regardless of outplacement category, will receive guidance in the following areas:

•           Setting Individual Goals, Career Objectives, Strategies, and Establishing an Individual Career Track
•           Communicating Skills, Accomplishments and Responsibilities
•           Step By Step Resume Preparation
•           Writing Cover Letters
•           Conducting a Direct Mail Campaign
•           Interviewing Skill Development & Role Playing
•           References
•           Negotiating/Accepting Offers